Terms and Conditions

This document sets out the terms and conditions for renting vehicles from M/s DRIVEEAZY INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013, with CIN U63030DL2022PTC392064 (hereinafter referred to as “DRIVEEAZY INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED” which expression shall unless repugnant to the context or meaning include its heirs and successor).

Eligibility Age: The minimum age required to rent a car is 20 years{Completed}, with a valid driving license.
Note:- Deduction of 600 rs. will be applicable if age is less as per our policies.
Documents Driving license, Passport/Voter ID / Adhaar card. If the user does not present the above documents in original at the time of obtaining delivery of the vehicle, the company shall be entitled to refuse the delivery of the vehicle and cancel this agreement. user shall be forfeited by the company, subject to minimum of one day rental.
Who can collect the vehicle? Only the person under whose name the booking/reservation is made can collect the vehicle after showing the prescribed documents.
GST 18% GST included in cost
Rental Period Rental period will be minimum of 24 Hrs From the user booking time. This 24 Hours shall be calculated from the time the user puts the picking time online.
Delivery / collection Vehicle must be returned at the location from which it was picked up/hired.
Security deposit (A) Pay online with rental amount.
(B) Pay cash at the time of obtaining delivery of the vehicle.
Included kms Unlimited* Not more than 250 Kms in 24 hours Booking.
Extra KM Rate
25% extra on per day rental of car
Vehicle Certificate Original RC, All India Permit, Insurance Document, Fitness, PUC & copy of Selfdrive documents.
Accessories & Tools Accessories & tools like Jack, Spare Tyre, MP3 Player, Tools etc
Fuel Fuel will go on point to point basis. User have to return the same amount of fuel as it was at the time of Vehicle pick-up.
Booking Extension Incase user wan’t to extend booking, user have to extend booking on his own (depends on vehicle availability). Incase user fails to extend the booking a penalty, which is 50% of total extended fare over and above the actual rental charged per day.
Late arrival If vehicle will be returned after the drop time, a penalty of Rs. 700 will be charged for the first hour. After one hour whole day charge will be taken with 50% extra on per day rent of the car.
Vehicle Damage Repair & damage charges to be paid by the user.
Replacement Vehicle Replacement vehicle shall be provided within the city limits only (subject to availability of similar segment vehicle in the city) in all such cases where a vehicle develops mechanical error and restrains the user from its use, in a case, where the vehicle develops such errors outside the city limits,replacement vehicle will not be provided an amount equivalent to agreed rental will be refunded. Company decision related to replacement vehicle will be final.
Outstation When traveling out of state, it is always important to stop at RTO check post to pay the government applicable tax.Cost/penalties to such interstate tax, toll or any other govt. levied will be borne by the user directly.
Traffic Rule Violation Cost of any traffic rule violation during the rental tenure will be borne by the user directly. In cases where challans are received by the company via post upon completion of the agreement, the company is allowed to charge to the user online. The user shall follow all the rules and regulations under applicable laws while driving the vehicle and otherwise including applicable speed limits
Cleanliness The company does not allow the vehicle to be used to carry pets, goods or any other object which can annihilate the upholstery/any part of the vehicle. In such event, the user will be penalized with the 30% surcharge on the actual cost towards repairing/cleaning of the interior/exterior of the vehicle.

In the event of misuse, the customer will be fully liable for any damage to the car including any third party losses. Following conditions will be considered as car misuse. Customer may be fined if found involved in any of the following:-
1. Over speeding: As per the supreme court ruling for new commercial vehicles customer can drive up to 80 km/hr as these vehicles have speed governors fitted as mandated by the government. For other vehicles, Speed Limit is 120/- km/hour.If the customer drive above speed limit company is liable to charge Rs3000 as a fine.
2. Traffic Violation: Customer is liable to pay for any traffic violation tickets received during there journey.
3. Car spare part changed: Customer should not change or remove any car spare parts. In case of emergency, the customer should inform the company and act as per advice. Customer will be charged a penalty of Rs. 5000 over and above the cost of the spare part.
4.Tyre misuse: In case of any tyre damages resulting from driving in bad terrain and continue driving in case of tyre puncture, Customers will be charged for the cost of the tyre on actuals plus and other service charges, as towing etc.
5. Running vehicle in damaged conditions: Customers are advised not to drive the car if it gets damaged in an accident. Customers are required to inform the company immediately for advice. In the event, the Customer continues to drive the car in a damaged condition, repair for any consequential damages that may result, will be borne by the customer.
6.Unauthorized activity in the car: Customers are not allowed to carry arms, ammunition and banned drugs. In addition use of the car for commercial activity such as product sales and promotions, and carriage of goods is strictly prohibited. Such customers will be charged a penalty of Rs. 5000.
7. External branding: Application of any form of external branding by pasting or paint, apart from what is applied by the company on the car, is probhited. In such cases, customers will be charged a penalty Rs. 5000.
8. Tempering with the device: If the customer is found tampering with any equipment supplied with the vehicle a penalty of Rs. 5000 will be imposed apart from statutory costs if any.
9. Deliberately driving the car in water: Customers will be charged for the actual cost of repair and spare parts.
10.Tempered documents: If the customer is found using fake or tempered documents a penalty of Rs. 5000 will be imposed apart from statutory costs if any.
11.Diversion: Customers are not allowed to drive the car into unauthorized or government banned areas. Customers are advised to inform the company in case they change the course of their trip. All the company cars are geo-fenced and customers have to pay a penalty Rs. 10,000 if the car trespasses into banned areas, Naxal hit areas, an international border of the Republic of India and the extreme end of Ladakh.
12. At the end of the journey, customers are expected to return the car only to a company representative or an authorized third party; failing which a fee of Rs. 5000 will be payable apart from recovery costs if any.

Definitions and Interpretations
Definitions Unless the context otherwise requires, the following capitalized words as used in these Terms shall have the meaning as respectively assigned to such terms hereunder: “Applicable Laws” shall mean and include, all applicable statutes, enactments, acts of legislature or the Parliament, laws, ordinances, rules, by-laws, regulations, notifications, guidelines, policies, directions, directives and orders of any Governmental Authority (as defined below), tribunal, board, court or a recognised stock exchange of India; “Governmental Authority” means any governmental or statutory authority, government department, agency, commission, board, tribunal, court or other entity, authority or body authorized to exercise legislative, judicial, regulatory or administrative functions of, or pertaining to, a government or any state or other subdivision thereof or any municipality, district or other subdivision thereof having jurisdiction pursuant to Applicable Laws; “User” shall mean any person who has formally enrolled to use DrivEazy’s vehicles and/or services, pursuant to the completion of usage formalities and acceptance of the terms and conditions as set out herein. “Non-Reserving User” shall have the meaning as specified in Clause 6.3; “Reserving User” shall have the meaning as specified in Clause 6.3; “DrivEazy Vehicle” shall mean a vehicle provided by DrivEazy for rental to its Users on the terms and conditions as set out herein. “Scheme” shall mean the DrivEazy car-club scheme as floated by DrivEazy pursuant to which the DrivEazy Vehicles are provided to Users for self drive purpose. “Terms” shall mean these terms and conditions as may be updated, altered, modified, novated, substituted or replaced from time to time; “Website” shall have the meaning as set out in Recital 1 above.
Interpretations In these Terms (including its Recitals, Clauses and Schedules), except where the context requires otherwise, these Terms will be interpreted as follows:

  1. words denoting the singular include the plural and vice versa and words denoting a particular gender include all other genders;
  2. the headings are inserted for convenience only, and shall not affect the construction or interpretation of any provision of these Terms;
  3. references to Recitals, Clauses, Sub-Clauses thereof and Schedules, unless a contrary intention appears, are to the recitals, clauses, sub-clauses and schedules to these Terms, respectively;
  4. a reference to consent or approval or similar connotation, unless expressly stated otherwise, shall be in writing, and references to writing include any mode of reproducing words in a legible and non-transitory form;
  5. a reference to any document (including these Terms) is to that document as amended, consolidated, supplemented, novated or replaced from time to time;
  6. a reference to a statute or statutory provision includes, to the extent applicable, at any relevant time:>
    1. that statute or statutory provision as from time to time consolidated, modified, re-enacted or replaced by any other statute or statutory provision; and
    2. any subordinate legislation or regulation / rules made under the relevant statute or statutory provision;
  7. where a word or phrase is defined, other parts of speech and grammatical forms and the cognate variations of that word or phrase shall have corresponding meanings;
  8. the rule of construction, if any, that a contract should be interpreted against the party responsible for the drafting and preparation thereof, shall not apply;
  9. the expressions “hereof”, “herein” and similar expressions shall be construed as references to these Terms as a whole and not limited to the particular section or provision in which the relevant expression appears;
  10. the words “include” and “including” will be read without limitation;
  11. references to rupees rs. are lawful currency of india;
  12. schedules form an integral part these terms shall construed have same force effect as if expressly set out in body terms.

Upon accepting the terms and conditions as set out here in after, the User agrees and acknowledges that:

DrivEazy has established a website having the registered domain address as (“Website”) where the terms and conditions of use of vehicles provided by DrivEazy have been displayed. It is the responsibility of the user to ask representatives of and obtain a soft copy of the agreement if they are unable to view or access the terms & conditions as set out in website/ Mobile applications.

The User has read and understood the terms and conditions as set out herein and agrees to abide and be bound by such terms and conditions including those relating to rental of cars, fee schedule and privacy policy and confidentiality terms. DrivEazy reserves the right to change the terms of this Agreement from time to time with the provision of notice to the User which shall be considered given when these terms and conditions are updated on the Website, iOS / Android apps. The User agrees that the amended terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be effective and binding on the date when such change is posted on the Website.

The provision of vehicles to the User is subject to the acceptance by the User of all the terms and conditions as set out herein. In the event that the User does not accept any term and/or condition as provided herein or as may be amended, the User will not be authorized to use any vehicles or services provided by DrivEazy. For the avoidance of doubt it is clarified that use of any vehicles or services provided by DrivEazy would signify an acceptance by the User of all the terms and conditions including as set out herein including any terms and conditions as may be amended, substituted or novated from time to time.

Moreover, this agreement doesn’t provide the exclusive right to the User for use of vehicle and in all situations, DrivEazy shall be authorized to exercise required controls during the rental period.

Enrollment as User
By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User has agreed to enroll as a User under the Scheme to avail the facility for rental of DrivEazy Vehicles.

The User further acknowledges and understands that he/she shall not at any time challenge any of the provisions of these Terms or the contents of the Website on the premise that the terms and conditions have not been read by the User or that the User is not aware of the enrollment formalities or that the User has not understood any provision of these Terms or the procedures, formalities, benefits rights and/or obligations as contained on the Website.

There is no difference between User & Customer. User is a person who registered with and customer is a person who hired the vehicle.

Persons eligible to enroll as Users

Any person desirous of enrolling as a User with the DrivEazy will need to satisfy the following eligibility criteria prior to enrollment:

  1. Such person must be minimum 21 years of age.
  2. Such person must be an Indian citizen and must possess a valid Light Motor Vehicle (Non Transport) Indian license at least 1 year old.
  3. Such person must have a good driving record and should not have been found guilty of any offence involving moral turpitude or any offence under Motor Vehicles Act for which imprisonment for more than 6 months have been prescribed;

Enrollment Formalities
For the purpose of enrollment, the User shall be required to provide the necessary particulars, as indicated by DrivEazy’s representatives.

The User shall be required to provide the following documents to DrivEazy’s representatives:

  1. A photo of a valid driving license
  2. Credit / Debit card details, if this happens to be the preferred mode if payment
  3. Any other documents as may be notified by DrivEazy from time to time.

DrivEazy reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any person as a User without assigning any reason thereto. It is clarified that in the event that any person is rejected as a User, he/ she shall not be permitted to use or rent any DrivEazy Vehicle.

Booking of DrivEazy Vehicles
The Users may choose from the vehicles which are available on the Website for the purpose of booking a DrivEazy Vehicle. At the time of booking, the Users will be required to:

  1. Select the DrivEazy Vehicle as per their requirements;
  2. Provide the start and end date and time, indicating the duration for which the DrivEazy Vehicle will be required for use by the User;
  3. Provide the details of the address where the vehicle needs to be delivered to the User, and where he will return the vehicle;
  4. Pay the Fees for use of the Vehicle through any of the payment systems that DrivEazy is using at that point of time.

In case a User wishes to cancel a reservation or shorten the period for which a vehicle has been reserved, he must do so in advance, as outlined in the Fee Policy

If a User wishes to extend a reservation, such User is required to communicate request for extension to DrivEazy prior to the timeline outlined in the Fee Policy. DrivEazy shall have the sole discretion to allow such extension or refuse the same. A request for extension will only be permitted where:

  1. the DrivEazy Vehicle is available for use for the extension period (for example, it is not reserved by another User); and
  2. Upon payment of Fees in advance for such extended period

Scope of vehicle rental services provided by DrivEazy

Upon payment of the fees in advance, DrivEazy is responsible to provide the following services to the User:

  1. Provide the vehicle model booked by the User, at the preferred time and location, as specified at the time of making the booking
  2. In case there is a delay or due to any unfortunate event DrivEazy has to cancel the booking of the User, DrivEazy is liable to compensate / provide a refund to the User for the part where the service could not be provided
  3. Ensure the vehicle being provided to the User is in good condition and is well maintained, as per the prescribed maintenance schedule of the automotive OEMs
  4. In the unfortunate event when there is a breakdown of the vehicle, while being used by the User, and it is clearly established that the breakdown was due to a mechanical / electrical failure of the vehicle and not due to any consequential or driving behaviour related damage caused by the User, DrivEazy will try and provide the best resolution possible to the User. This resolution will include providing a replacement vehicle, if the vehicle is within 2 hours of driving distance from any of DrivEazy’s hubs, arranging for an RSA (road side assistance) and/or any other help that might be needed by the User.

Persons permitted to use/rent DrivEazy Vehicles

The DrivEazy Vehicles shall be provided on rental basis only to eligible Users. Notwithstanding anything stated herein, DrivEazy shall have the sole discretion to refuse to provide any DrivEazy Vehicle to any Users.

Users shall ensure that the DrivEazy Vehicles shall not be driven by, or provided for use to, any person whose eligibility has not been deemed as valid by DrivEazy.

Any User to whom a DrivEazy Vehicle is provided by DrivEazy on rental basis (“Reserving User”) may allow another User to drive such DrivEazy Vehicle (“Non-Reserving User”) subject to the following conditions:

  1. The Reserving User shall provide the details of the Non-Reserving User to DrivEazy;
  2. The Reserving User shall not be allowed to provide the DrivEazy Vehicle to a Non-Reserving User for any commercial purpose;
  3. The Reserving User shall continue to be responsible and liable to DrivEazy to ensure that all terms and conditions as set out in these Terms are complied with by the Non-Reserving User.
  4. The Reserving User shall further ensure that the information pertaining to the Non-Reserving User shall remain updated in the records of DrivEazy till such time as the DrivEazy Vehicle is being used by such Non-Reserving User.
  5. The Reserving User shall continue to remain liable to DrivEazy for due compliance of all terms and conditions as set out in these Terms including for payment of all fees and charges associated with the usage of the DrivEazy vehicles.

Prohibited Use of DrivEazy Vehicles
Users shall not be permitted to use the DrivEazy Vehicles under the following conditions and/or for the purposes mentioned hereunder. These examples are not intended to be exhaustive. Any unreasonable or inappropriate use of a DrivEazy Vehicle, as determined by DrivEazy in its sole discretion, may be deemed a violation of these Terms and Conditions:

  1. For any speed race or competition;
  2. For the purpose of towing, pushing, or propelling any trailer or any other vehicle;
  3. For the primary business purpose of transporting people or operating a taxi service;
  4. By any person who is under the influence of (i) alcohol or (ii) any drug or medication under the effects of which the operation of a vehicle is prohibited or not recommended;
  5. Illegal Nature:-For the purpose of commission of any crime or other illegal or unlawful activity;
  6. In an imprudent, negligent, abusive manner or for any abnormal use of the DrivEazy Vehicle;
  7. By any person who has provided DrivEazy with false information (including, without limitation, any personal information such as name, age, or address) or whose representations are determined to be false;
  8. For the purpose of driving outside the territorial boundaries of India or any prohibited areas within territory of India;
  9. Driving while using a mobile phone or any other mobile communication device in any manner whatsoever, including while sending an SMS, emailing, using a cell phone with or without a hands-free device, otherwise using a mobile communication device or engaging in similar activities that may be prohibited under Applicable Laws;
  10. For the purpose of transportation of any goods including any flammable, poisonous, or otherwise hazardous substances;
  11. For the purpose of transporting objects that could – due to their size, shape, or weight – adversely impact the vehicle’s handling safety or that could damage the interior of the DrivEazy Vehicle or, by virtue of such object/s protruding outside, affect the safety of vehicles driving in the vicinity of the DrivEazy Vehicle.
  12. Carrying more than the authorized number of persons (equal to the number of seat-belts) in the DrivEazy Vehicle.
  13. Use of tobacco, drugs or psychotropic substances inside DrivEazy Vehicles is absolutely prohibited. Users are subject to payment of penalties if evidence of smoking, chewing, or dipping is found in DrivEazy Vehicle.
  14. Hazardous Nature: – Burning any substance including tobacco, incense etc. inside DrivEazy Vehicles is absolutely prohibited.
  15. Animals are prohibited in DrivEazy Vehicles. Users are subject to payment of penalties in the event it is determined that the DrivEazy Vehicles have been used for transportation of animals.
  16. A DrivEazy Vehicle cannot be taken inside Leh/Ladakh region and Kaza/Nako region.
  17. Any kind of activity by any person which will affect the normal conditions of the vehicle

Obligations of the User
By accepting the Terms as set out herein, the User hereby authorizes DrivEazy to obtain the User’s driving records from the jurisdiction in which the User is licensed.

User shall be responsible for providing and maintaining their account information with DrivEazy including details such as their current email, mobile number, address, and such other information as may be necessary for the purposes of this agreement.

Users shall be responsible for keeping any DrivEazy-related password and/or PIN numbers in strict confidence and to not make passwords or PINs available to third-parties,. Should a PIN or password be reduced to written or electronic form, the User will be responsible for any associated costs and/or damages in connection with unauthorized use by third-parties. If a User has reason to believe that a third-party may have obtained unauthorized knowledge of a password and/or PIN, User agrees to change the compromised password and/or PIN as per the procedure provided on the Website.

When using a vehicle, every User must follow the owner’s manual instructions provided in the vehicle’s glove compartment. If a problem arises that prevents or limits the use of the vehicle or that may compromise people’s safety, every User must immediately notify DrivEazy and follow the instructions provided by DrivEazy.

Controls exercised by DrivEazy during the duration of vehicle rental:
It may be noted that during the period of vehicle rental, the effective control of vehicle shall remain with DrivEazy. The control may be exercised in the event of violation of any of the terms and conditions set out in this agreement. Further, it may be noted that all vehicles of DrivEazy are fitted with GPS trackers, speed trackers and can be remotely accessed.

Therefore, in the event of any breach of terms and conditions of this agreement, DrivEazy can exercise the controls and shut down the vehicle by way of remote access.

Vehicle Pick-Up and Return

  1. Prior to taking possession of a DrivEazy Vehicle, it shall be the responsibility of every User to do an exterior walk-around and an interior look-over of the vehicle
  2. User’s shall be permitted to test drive the DrivEazy Vehicle to ensure that there is no damage or abnormality encountered in the operation of the vehicle. In case such an abnormality or damage is found, User shall be required to intimate DrivEazy of any such damage or abnormality encountered on the vehicle or in the operation of the vehicle prior to taking possession of such vehicle.
  3. It shall be the responsibility of the User to pick up the selected DrivEazy Vehicle and return it secured, clean, and in good working order, at the same place, by no later than the end time of the reservation.

Fuel Charges

  1. DrivEazy shall make the payment of fuel to the third party suppliers (i.e. relevant supplier of fuel or petrol stations) on behalf of the User;
  2. DrivEazy shall charge the actual expenses incurred towards fuel cost from the Users and there shall be no mark-up on the same;
  3. DrivEazy doesn’t holds or intend to hold any title of such fuel expenses and also doesn’t intend to use it for its own purpose. Thus, the same is exclusively procured on behalf of User.

Vehicle Condition

  1. The User is required to report to DrivEazy immediately any condition that impairs the driving functionality and/or safety of the vehicle, such as performance changes, inappropriate noises, smells or driving feel, including but not limited to warning lamps, indicators, poor driving feel or external or internal damage that renders the vehicle unsafe, including but not limited to, missing or inoperable signal or driving lighting, broken or missing rear-view mirrors and windshield glass etc.
  2. Before performing jump start on any vehicle, the User must inform DrivEazy. The User shall bear the liability for any losses arising out of a jump start
  3. The User must leave the vehicle’s key, key fob, or other starting device to the vehicle and the parking pass or toll payment pass in its proper position in the vehicle at the conclusion of the reservation or hand it over to the authorized representative of DrivEazy. In the event that the User fails to leave the key/fob/starting device, parking pass, or toll payment pass (if applicable) in the vehicle, the same shall be informed to DrivEazy immediately. If the User fails to do so and this causes inconvenience to another User, such User shall be charged the hourly rate and late fees (as outlined in the Fee Policy) for the vehicle until the key/key fob/starting device/parking pass/toll payment pass is returned and the User will remain responsible for the vehicle during such period. The User shall also be charged a fee at DrivEazy’s sole discretion, to replace any of the items missing from the vehicle.
  4. Reserving Users are responsible for all charges and costs incurred related to the DrivEazy Vehicle for the entire period of the reservation and until the vehicle is returned, secured, closed, locked and serviceable (all accessories off, key out of ignition and in proper place, all windows, doors, hatches, sunroofs and other openings closed, toll payment pass and parking pass and other accessories in the vehicle) to its designated return location. DrivEazy vehicles must be returned no later than the end time of the reservation and the User will be required to terminate the reservation by placing a call to DrivEazy’s provided number to notify of such intent.
  5. In the event that a DrivEazy Vehicle is returned late, the Reserving User will be responsible for paying late fees, inconvenience fee and any other charges applicable as per DrivEazy’s Fee Policy, from the scheduled end time of the booking till the time the vehicle is recovered by DrivEazy. The Users will be responsible for any and all costs, charges, fees and expenses incurred by DrivEazy or any third party as a result of a breach of any of these Terms.
  6. The owner is responsible for any costs that can be attributed to mechanical failure due to normal usage for which the vehicle was designed for and customer will be charged or obliged to get it repaired if the damage is not due to normal usage.

Stolen vehicles Information about stolen vehicles or stolen parts of the DrivEazy Vehicle must be immediately reported by the User to the nearest police station with a detailed written complaint based on actual facts and a copy of the acknowledged complaint should be provided by the User to DrivEazy. Users shall ensure that such information about lost vehicles shall not contain any discrepancy, inconsistencies or distortions from actual facts as the same would be detrimental to a valid insurance or other claim by DrivEazy. The User will be liable for any loss due to a discrepant, inconsistent or distorted complaint by the User.


  1. Seat Belts and Child Restraints – User is responsible for:
  2. Complying with all applicable seat belt and child restraint laws;
  3. Protecting all children by properly using any child passenger restraint system that complies with the Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in the jurisdiction where the trip is initiated and where the DrivEazy vehicle is driven during such trip.
  4. Each time the User parks a DrivEazy Vehicle (either at the end of the reservation or during the time of reservation), the User shall be responsible for securing the vehicle in conditions such as closing of windows and locking the car.

Breakdown or Incidents

  1. All breakdowns or incidents pertaining to DrivEazy Vehicles must be reported to DrivEazy.
  2. In case of an incident involving property damage or involving any third party, the User must fill out an official police report form, and, if possible, provide a jointly agreed-upon statement, complete DrivEazy’s incident report form, and obtain the following information:
    1. Date, time, and place of incident;
    2. The license plate numbers of any other vehicles involved, their make and year, their identification number (serial number), and the insurance certificate’s number (with name, address and phone number of the insurance agent);
  3. The names, addresses, driver’s license numbers of the persons involved in the incident;
  4. The name, address, and driver’s license number of the owner of the vehicle;
  5. The name, addresses, phone number of witnesses, passengers, other involved persons;
  6. Circumstances of the incident describing immediate surrounding environment and car position prior to the incident; and

Traffic Violations

  1. All traffic violations by a User shall be notified to the authorized representative of DrivEazy as soon as possible within the prescribed deadline for the violation.
  2. The User shall further notify DrivEazy of any traffic violation notices found on a vehicle at the time of vehicle’s delivery to User.
  3. All traffic violations will be the responsibility of the User if they occur during the time period during which the User is responsible for the DrivEazy vehicle. In the event of any fines or penalties imposed by any Governmental Authority for traffic violations, the same shall be borne by the Reserving Users.
  4. The User shall not leave a vehicle in a zone which has parking restrictions. If the User leaves the vehicle in such a restricted zone, the User must immediately notify DrivEazy, and shall be responsible for any and all violation notices or towing charges incurred by DrivEazy.

Roadside Assistance

Refund & Return Policy:
Cancellations & Modifications before starting the trip:

Our flexible modification policy allows you to make modifications depending upon the time remaining before the start of your trip:

 Cancelling the trip
More than 24 hours before start timeRs. 400 Cancellation charge. Rest of the amount will be refunded to you
Between 24 and 3 hours before start timeYou will be charged 50% of the base fare paid. From a minimum of Rs. 400 to a maximum of Rs. 3500. Rest of the amount will be refunded to you
Within 3 hours of start timeYou will be charged 100% of the base fare paid. From a minimum of Rs. 400 to a maximum of Rs. 5000, and also the doorstep delivery charges.
 Changing the start/end time of the trip
More than 24 hours before start timePostponing start time or Preponing end time (Shortening): No charges, full refund applied
 Preponing start time or Postponing end time (Extension): Rs. 400 plus revised fare for the extended hours
Between 24 and 3 hours before start timePostponing start time or Preponing end time (Shortening): 50% of charges for reduced hours are charged, upto a max of Rs. 3500
 Preponing start time or Postponing end time (Extension): Rs. 400 plus revised fare for the extended hours
Within 3 hours of start timePostponing start time or Preponing end time (Shortening): 100% of fare amount of the reduced hours, up to a max. of Rs 5,000/-
 Preponing start time or Postponing end time (Extension): Rs. 400 plus revised fare for the extended hours
 Car model change
24 hrs before trip start timeJust pay the difference in fare plus Rs. 400/- modification fee
From 24 hrs to 3 hrs before trip start timeJust pay the difference in fare plus Rs. 400/- modification fee
 Location change
24 hrs before trip start timeBoth delivery and pickup location change allowed free of charge
From 24 hrs to 3 hrs before trip start timeBoth delivery and pickup location change allowed free of charge

Cancellation Policy
If booking is cancelled prior to 48 hours from rental start time, no cancellation charges will be applied on booking amount.
If booking is cancelled within to 24 – 48 hours from rental start time, 3% processing fee will be charged on booking amount.
If booking is cancelled within 4 – 24 hours from rental start time, 50% cancelation charge will be applied on the total booking amount.
If booking is cancelled within 0 – 4 hours from rental start time or “NO SHOW”, 100% cancelation charge will be applied on the total booking amount.

Payments Policy 

DrivEazy makes reasonable best efforts to provide roadside assistance support in all cases.

The Users will be required to pay the Fees for the duration specified by the Users at the time when such booking is being made, or at the time of physical delivery of the DrivEazy Vehicle to the User. The Fees shall be such as specified on the Website, for each DrivEazy Vehicle and may be accessed by the User.

Payments by the User may be made with the use of credit card / debit card or other netbanking facilities. User is under an obligation to ensure that the account from which the amounts are to be collected have sufficient funds or credit available to cover any charges. The User is solely responsible for any associated bank or credit card charges or fees. The User may be charged a processing fee for a declined credit or debit card payment.

In the event the User defaults on any payments, DrivEazy is entitled to charge remainder fees and default interest at the rate of 24% per annum. In addition, DrivEazy may utilize third parties to collect amounts owed to DrivEazy by a User. DrivEazy reserves the right to report the delay to credit rating agencies

With all fees mentioned above, DrivEazy reserves the right to prohibit a User from making a subsequent reservation until all outstanding fees in the User’s account have been paid in full. In the event a fee is incurred, Users will receive an email invoice from DrivEazy that will have detailed payment instructions.

Revocation of License
Should any User’s driver’s license expire or be revoked, authorization to drive DrivEazy vehicles shall expire immediately. DrivEazy shall be notified of such revocation by the User by e-mail forthwith upon such revocation.

DrivEazy may immediately suspend or terminate the use of its service by any User who does not meet DrivEazy’s driving eligibility requirements or for any unreasonable or inappropriate use of a DrivEazy vehicle, as determined by DrivEazy in its sole discretion or for violation of any of provisions mentioned in this agreement.

DrivEazy reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate the use of its service by any User for inappropriate noises or driving feel, including but not limited to warning lamps, indicators, inappropriate sounds or smells, or performance changes.

DrivEazy reserves all the right to cancel any booking and recall the vehicle at any point in time. Likewise. DrivEazy reserves sole discretion in serving any individuals & organisations.
DrivEazy reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate the use of its service by any User and shall charge a damage fee, a cleaning fee, or other applicable fees, if DrivEazy is not notified of a problem at the start of reservation

User Indemnification and holds DrivEazy, its Parent and affiliates and their respective Directors, Officers, Employees, Shareholders, Agents, Attorneys, Assigns and Successors-in-interest harmless for all losses, liabilities, damages, injuries, claims, demands, costs, Attorney fees and other expenses incurred by DrivEazy arising from a breach of the Terms as specified herein:

Every User who violates the law or any of the provisions of this agreements or the rules setup by DrivEazy and could face legal action and shall be responsible for all damages, liability, and fines as mentioned in the Fee Policy

Data Protection
DrivEazy captures, stores, processes and uses the Customer’s personal data, including, but not limited to, the usage and vehicle data as they relate to the Customer, to the extent this is necessary for the administration and implementation of this Agreement and the Customer’s use of the DrivEazy vehicle.

Should third-party services be used, DrivEazy is entitled to forward to the third-party service provider the Customer’s personal data, to the extent this is required in order to fulfill customership or use requirements.

DrivEazy is entitled to provide Customer’s personal data to third-parties for the purposes of providing individualized offers, services, and other customized information to Customers.

DrivEazy shall implement and maintain reasonable procedures for protecting sensitive personal information in compliance with applicable law.

DrivEazy shall be entitled to disclose information of the Userto DrivEazy’s parent company and to all companies controlled by DrivEazy or any of its affiliates and to any government body as required by the law/ or by directive/ or request from any government body or to any third party deemed fit and proper by DrivEazy, in its absolute discretion.

Please refer to the Privacy Policy as contained on the Website which shall be applicable to information and/or data provided by the Users.

Dispute Resolution
In the event of any disputes, differences, controversies and questions directly or indirectly arising at any time hereafter between a User and DrivEazy or their respective representatives or assigns under, out of, in connection with, or in relation to, these Terms (or the subject matter of these Terms) including, without limitation, all disputes, differences, controversies and questions relating to the validity, interpretation, construction, performance and enforcement of any provision of these Terms, (hereinafter referred to as a “Dispute”), the same shall be referred to binding arbitration at the request of the User or DrivEazy, in writing, in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 or any statutory modification or alteration thereof for the time being in force. The arbitral tribunal shall comprise a sole arbitrator to be appointed by DrivEazy whose decision in relation to any such Dispute shall be final and binding on the Parties hereto.

The arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in the English language. The seat of arbitration shall be in New Delhi.

The costs of arbitration shall be fixed by the arbitral tribunal and the tribunal in the final award shall specify

  1. the party entitled to costs;
  2. the party who shall pay the costs;
  3. the amount of such costs; and
  4. the manner in which the costs shall be paid. For the purpose of this Clause, ‘costs of arbitration’ shall mean the fees and expenses of the arbitrator, legal fees and expenses, any administrative fees and any other expense incurred in connection with the arbitral proceedings and the arbitral award.

No party or person involved in any way in the creation, coordination or operation of the arbitration of any Dispute may disclose the existence, content or results of the Dispute or any arbitration conducted under this Agreement in relation to that Dispute save as required in order to enforce this Clause and / or any arbitral award made pursuant to these Terms.

Governing Law
These Terms shall be governed by and interpreted and construed in accordance with the substantive laws of India, without regard to the conflict of laws provisions thereof. The courts in New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction on all matters pertaining to this Agreement.

User must not aid or encourage the filing of any third-party claim or lawsuit against DrivEazy, and User must cooperate fully with DrivEazy and DrivEazy’s insurer in the investigation and defense of any claim or lawsuit.

User must immediately notify and deliver to DrivEazy every summons, complaint, document, or notice of any kind received by User in any way relating to an accident, theft, or other circumstances related to the DrivEazy vehicle.

If any term, provision, covenant or condition of this Agreement is held invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remainder of the provisions will continue in full force and effect as if these Terms had been executed with the invalid portion eliminated. The parties shall substitute for the invalid provision a valid provision that most closely approximates the intent and economic effect of the invalid provision.

Customer represents that he or she has not relied on any representation, assertion, guarantee, warranty, collateral contract or other assurance, except those set out in these Terms, made by or on behalf of any other party or any other person or entity whatsoever, prior to the execution of this Agreement.

Waiver Failure to exercise and delay in the exercise of any right, power or privilege hereunder by the Company shall not operate as a waiver thereof nor shall any single or partial exercise of any right, power or privilege preclude any other or further exercise thereof or the exercise of any other right, power or privilege. The rights and remedies provided in these Terms are cumulative and not exclusive of any rights or, remedies otherwise provided by Applicable Law.

Assignment or Transfer The rights granted to the User under these Terms are not assignable or transferable, in whole or part. Any attempt to transfer any rights without the written consent of DrivEazy shall be void and shall haveno force and effect. DrivEazy shall have the sole authority to assign this Agreement to an affiliate or to another entity in connection with any other corporate transaction.

DrivEazy use various technologies, including “cookies”, to collect non-identifiable information. To enhance DrivEazy’s Services, DrivEazy shall use cookies, sent by DrivEazy or its third party vendors, or other technologies. Users may control the effect of cookies through his/her browser settings, however some features of DrivEazy’s Service may not work properly if the use of cookies is disabled.

DrivEazy shall also use Web beacon or other technologies, often in conjunction with cookies, to enhance its Service on a number of pages of DrivEazy’s website. A non-identifiable notice of a visitor’s visit to a page on DrivEazy’s site is generated and recorded, and which may be processed by DrivEazy or by DrivEazy’s suppliers. To disable some of these features, Users may disable cookies in the web browser’s settings. Web beacon and other technologies will still detect visits to these pages, but the notices they generate are disregarded and cannot be associated with other non-identifiable cookie information.

Links to third party websites: DrivEazy’s website may contain links to third-party websites, products, and services. Information collected by third parties may include things as location data or contact details, as governed by the privacy practices. DrivEazy encourages its Users to learn about the privacy practices of those third parties.

Information Security: DrivEazy take precautions – including administrative, technical, and physical measures – to safeguard its Users personal information against loss, misuse or theft, as well as against destruction, alteration, disclosure and unauthorized access but does not guarantee the complete security of such personal Information.

When a User uses DrivEazy’s services or post on the Site, some of the Personal Information the User share shall be visible to other users and can be read, collected, or used by them. The User shall be held responsible for such Personal Information the User chooses to submit in these instances. The Users shall be further responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of its account and password and every User shall agree to accept the responsibility for all activities that occur under his/her account or password.

Dispute Resolution Policy

The Company and the Vehicle Owner are responsible for receiving complaints and assisting customers in relation to transactions connected through the company.

Complaints related to the provision and use of car rental services are independently resolved by the Company on the basis of the provisions of law, the Terms and Conditions of service, notices, regulations. published.

When a dispute arises, the Company promotes a solution of negotiation and reconciliation between parties to maintain reliability. Customers can follow these steps:

Step 1: Customer complains about the service via Call or sends email to the Customer Care Department of the company. The time for the Company to receive the complaint is 3 days from the date of using the service or from the date the incident arises.

Step 2: Within (3) working days after receiving the Customer’s complaint information, Customer Care Department confirms the complaint information, proceeds to classify the information and notify the Customer. :

Step 3: Solve the problem

Customer Care will verify and analyze the nature and extent of the content of the complaint, the scope of the complaint and the handling responsibility to assist the Customer in resolving that dispute.

Step 4: Close the complaint

The customer agrees with the response from the Customer Care Department -> End of complaint. Customers disagree -> Go back to step 3

The company respects and seriously implements the provisions of the Law on the Protection of the interests of users.

Contact Information
In case of any questions or concerns about the Policy or data processing, Users shall contact at:

  • Address: Mustatil No. 56, Village Mehrauli, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070
  • Phone number: +91 9999661457
  • Email:

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